24-25 SUMMER Sports physical dates .pdf


A completed physical form is valid for one (1) school year.

Forms should be returned to the Athletics mailbox in the Business Office.



Any student-athlete, grades 6-12, who participates in a school sponsored sport, is required to pay to participate. These fees are used to provide for an on-site athletic trainer for high school sports, first-aid supplies, official fees, and other athletic related expenses. The Pay-to-Play fee covers each student-athlete’s participation for the duration of the school year. Therefore, if a student-athlete plays multiple sports, only one Pay-to-Play fee is required.

Student-athletes who participate in non-MCC hosted Co-Ops (swimming, girls golf, boys tennis) are subject to the host school’s pay-to-play fees.

If you are having financial difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact John Brainard, Director of Athletics at 231-755-2201 x3460. Any and all disclosures will be kept confidential.