International Students


Muskegon Catholic Central admits two types of international students:

In all other respects, the policies for Exchange Students and for International Students are the same.

Tuition: $12,600 per year for 2023/2024 (subject to increase annually). Tuition includes registration costs, loaned books, technology fee, pay-to-play fee, and the graduation fee. Tuition does not include uniforms, school lunch, or optional extracurricular activities.

Language skills: At this time, MCC does not require a minimum SLEP or TOEFL score, but all students must possess an English proficiency suitable to not cause an abnormal burden to the school. Both Exchange students and International students are expected to earn a C grade or better in all classes after a reasonable period of adjustment.

Home stay: Muskegon Catholic Central does not arrange home stays for Exchange students or International students. Although the school will help advertise for host families, no Exchange or International student will be accepted at MCC until a host family has been arranged and has been approved by the school.


9-12 Student enrollment: 115



University acceptance rate: 96%

Mean Composite ACT score: 22.8

Countries of Exchange/International students in the recent past: