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Video Links for Technology Training. You can find more on Youtube Channel DelEdTech

VMWareVIew Client installation on your home device


Zimbra Email  - Basic introduction and walk though. 

Creating an email signature


Video 1. Starting out, uploading a file.

Video 2. Adding a Picture or Video

Video 3 Docking and Ease of Navigation

Presentation of Changes in 2.0 Really, some are very useful!

New Tablet and Windows 7 Introduction: Hardware and Software Tutorials

Video 1 - Hardware

Video 2 - Windows 7 Pin and Unpin

Video 3 - Touch Screen

Video 4 - Where are my windows?

Video 5 - Quick tips


Video 6 - Number Lock

Video 7 - Stylus Style

Video 8 - Docking Station

Video 9 - Most important Features of Widows 7!



Video 1. Quick toolbar, templates HELP??


Study Island Training

Video 1 - Intro login

Video 2 - Activate! 

Video 3 - Last One! More Help Options

Renaissance Place (Elementary Teachers) 

Video 1 - How to find help, manuals and web sessions

Discovery Education Overview 

Epson Projector User Manual - (Grade 9-12 Teachers) Go to Welcome Bookmark for useful tips.

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