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Smart Tuition Re-Enrollment and Enrollment Instructions

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PSAS Student Aid Form 2016-2017  (FORM ONLY - print and mail)

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Tuition costs vary by grade level, parish membership, and number of students. Tuition can be paid in full in August or in quarterly or monthly payments.

It is our hope that every student who wants to attend Muskegon Catholic will be able to do so. Thanks to the generosity of our Catholic community and the Muskegon Catholic Education Foundation, there are many opportunities for financial assistance:

1. Academic Leadership Scholarships

Prospective students entering middle and high school with a 3.0 GPA or higher may apply for our Academic Leadership scholarships. At the Middle School, students will receive $1500 per year for three years, and at the High School, recipients will receive $2000 per year for four years.*

Up to eight of these scholarships are awarded to new middle and high school students who have demonstrated excellent academic performance, service to others, and outstanding character.

Please fill out the applicable scholarship forms to apply for these scholarships.

2. Financial Aid

For school year 2013-2014, we were able to offer $250,000 in financial assistance to over 100 families. A family's need for financial aid is determined each year by the Muskegon Catholic Schools’ Scholarship Committee, which uses information supplied by PSAS (Private School Aid Service). The report generated by PSAS provides the committee with a calculated “need” per family by considering factors such as family size, income and expenses, and assets and liabilities. New families may also apply for financial aid and are encouraged to fill out the PSAS form as early as possible. Please call the Business office at 231-755-2201  X340 if you would like us to send you a PSAS form.

3. SMART Tuition

Smart Tuition Re-Enrollment and Enrollment Instructions

4. Tuition Schedule

You may view our Tuition Schedule or call our Business office at 755-2201 X 340 for more information.

5. Preschool to Free-School Grant

In order to promote our preschool and elementary programs, Muskegon Catholic Central is initiating a Preschool to Free-School Grant.  Any tuition dollars paid to attend MCC's Preschool Program, the one year previous to entering Kindergarten, will be received as a credit back on your tuition invoice for Kindergarten and 1st grade.  The credit will be split evenly between the two years.

*Students will receive either the Academic Leadership Scholarship or the New Student Scholarship, not both.